Lynxeye is proud to have supported a wide range of corporations within the banking, financial and tech sectors, in the pursuit of their next opportunity.



Meaningful banking

The younger generations are no longer looking for one bank to do everything. 60% of young Americans already have more than one financial service provider.

This group is also notoriously disloyal and tend to cherry-pick the best products for their needs with each provider. 82% of Gen Z would switch bank to gain a better digital experience.

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Innovation efforts from banks globally are today largely misdirected. Although banks have started to adopt an innovation agenda, feeling the pressure from fintech, super apps, and big tech - 70% of innovations launched from incumbent banks fail.

Regional and community banks face the biggest hurdle, as their resource to dedicate to innovation are limited. The combination of low throughput, and a weak success rate, ultimately means that little or no progress is made.

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There will be a few BaaS masters. For the rest, it’s evolve your role for customers or die.
Johan SnällfotPartner and Head of Client Team at Lynxeye

How we can help

Five battles banks must win

Lynxeye has vast experience from supporting both traditional banks and digital challengers in the pursuit of their next opportunity.

We see five battles retail banks must win in this transformative market.

Be clear on your future role

Drive positive change for people and society, by embedding purpose leadership throughout your organization and value propositions

Set up meaningful growth pillars

Explore your audience or identify entirely new segments. Our proprietary solutions help you decode what drives and motivates your customers on a fundamental level.

Revitalize your brand

Define a desirable and distinct brand proposition and a striking identity to support it, to claim your unique role in the shifting market landscape.

Offer great experiences

Reimagine the value you deliver as end-to-end experiences, to engage and delight customers, embracing digital transformation.

Create rewarding ecosystems

Build a win-win situation with customers, by incentivizing rightly and leveraging existing trust paired with breadth of offerings.

Retail banks have so many strengths and assets. But today, they simply don’t translate to tangible services and benefits for customers.
Johan SnällfotPartner and Head of Client Team at Lynxeye

Our experience

Meaningful growth, innovation and design for retail banks

Lynxeye has supported clients within the financial and tech sector for the last 25 years. We specialize in helping major banks, neobanks, and tech challengers grow their market presence and unlock future business potential.

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We are proud to have supported a wide range of corporations within the banking, financial and tech sector, in the pursuit of their next opportunity.

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Stellar performance YoY

SEA’s leading regional bank

A revamped bank


Steady 10–15% growth


A new, leading online service


Purpose-driven, profitable growth


Global leader in Open Banking

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    Stellar performance YoY

    Lynxeye worked with Nordea to strengthen its brand impact by defining a brand strategy closely connected with business priorities, purpose and customer satisfaction targets.

  • SEA’s leading regional bank

    A revamped bank

    Lynxeye predicted coming disruptions in financial services for both B2C and B2B banking, and defined optimal strategic target groups, brand positionings and product offerings to meet future market needs.

  • Nordnet

    Steady 10–15% growth

    Nordnet came to Lynxeye with a need to clarify its role in the market and amp up its growth rate. Since then, Nordnet has steadily grown into a leading online broker in the Nordics.

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    A new, leading independent online comparison service

    Lynxeye helped Advisa set positioning and a purpose-driven brand strategy focused on driving growth. Since then, Advisa has become a leading Nordic service of its kind.

  • Bluestep

    Purpose-driven, profitable growth

    Bluestep Bank is a Nordic challenger in the mortgage market and a modern alternative to traditional banks. With sustainability and transparency at its core, Bluestep pushes for financial inclusion and financial empowerment.

  • Trustly

    Record pace YoY growth of 50% in the US

    Trustly partnered with Lynxeye to gain deeper insight into the values of our key B2B clients and enhance its brand globally.