Bluestep Bank is a Nordic challenger in the mortgage market and a modern alternative to traditional banks. With sustainability and transparency at its core, Bluestep pushes for financial inclusion and financial empowerment.

Bluestep Bank

Industry Banking

Geography Nordics

Impact Purpose-driven, profitable growth

Young girl with blue hair standing outside a bank

Bluestep Bank turned to Lynxeye for help with how to best connect with their highest potential customer segments. As a result, Bluestep enjoyed boosted profitability and growth.


Bluestep Bank had realized it could offer more personalized mortgage solutions than the traditional banks they were competing with. The team turned to Lynxeye for help with how to prioritize among customer segments and understand how to best connect with those customers.


Lynxeye developed a targeting strategy based on a Nordic market segmentation, sharpened Bluestep’s purpose and created a brand platform that could provide the best possible experience for future customers.


Bluestep enjoyed boosted profitability in 2021 and 8% growth in 2022, following implementation of their clarified purpose and a new communication concepts based on the brand platform.