Lynxeye has a proven track record of successful growth projects in the automotive industry. We touch all aspects of the car industry, from brands to mobility services and suppliers.



The race for market share

Enormous opportunities await as it's anticipated that 80% of global car sales will be EVs by 2050. This translates to 2.1 billion cars on the roads, with 30% being EVs.

By 2030, a projected 84 million EVs will be in Europe alone, providing substantial growth prospects for automakers. However, the competition for leadership in this revolution remains open, presenting both opportunities and challenges.

A time to invest in brands

Times of significant change offer the potential for high returns on investment. Beyond investing in new technologies like software, battery tech, and charging infrastructure, the pivotal investment in brand development is crucial.

For incumbents, it's a chance to revitalize their brand in the EV market. New entrants have a golden opportunity to introduce themselves to customers open to new options.

Empowering EV consumers

Succeeding in the EV market demands automakers to truly understand consumer needs, foster brand awareness, and cultivate customer loyalty.

As the transition to electric vehicles gains momentum in the mass market, it introduces heightened complexity for customers. This landscape is defined by a surge in new brands to choose from, new unique selling points to consider, and innovative ownership models.

Join the winners in the race

We firmly believe that this is the right moment to establish a foothold in the EV market. Historical trends support this perspective.

In the early 1920s, the introduction of petrol cars saw a multitude of brands, but as the market transitioned to mass adoption, only a select few brands successfully scaled and endured.

Similarly, the current surge in new brands entering the EV market echoes this historical pattern. As the EV market matures, we anticipate a consolidation, mirroring the historical trend, with a reduction in the number of brands.

The Chinese EV companies have great products, high ambitions and a rapid approach to everything they do – but they have yet to master how to build brands and claim a position to win.
Andreas KårebyHead of Client Team at Lynxeye

How we can help

A guide for automotive growth and transformation

Lynxeye is here for the automotive industry, helping brands navigate the future and address critical questions for growth and transformation.

We handle key questions like how to win in new markets, respond faster to needs, securing your unique competitive edge, and remain relevant in growing segments.

If you’re in the auto game, we’ve got your back for a successful ride ahead.

Long exposure shot of cars travelling on a bridge along the coast.

How we support the automotive industry:

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Uncover and size new growth opportunities for your business. Our team will provide the data-based advice you need to evaluate and prioritize between opportunities.


  • Growth Opportunity Mapping™
  • Geographical expansion
  • Future scenarios
  • Category extension
  • Expansion roadmaps

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Find the answer to why your business exists and will prosper in the future. With us, you get 25 years’ experience of monitoring and developing corporate purpose.


  • Corporate purpose
  • Purpose Index™
  • Purpose roll-out

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Develop a clear and actionable strategy for where intend to go. Our team’s extensive strategy experience will help you achieve full business potential.


  • Business strategy
  • Commercial strategy
  • Positioning strategy
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Strategy roll-out
  • Brand architecture strategy

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Keep track of the factors that will influence your future business. Our proprietary methods show you what is around the corner and help you understand why.


  • Change Drivers™
  • Competitive landscape
  • Movements and trends

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Explore your audience or identify entirely new segments. Our proprietary solutions help you decode what drives and motivates your customers on a fundamental level.


  • Human Motivations™
  • Audience profiling
  • Market segmentation
  • Design target group

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Create or refresh strong brand identities that resonate with your customers. Our team will ensure a consistent brand expression that sets you apart and puts you ahead in your market.


  • Brand architecture design
  • Visual identity
  • Naming
  • Sonic identity
  • Digital identity
  • Identity roll-out

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Stay ahead of the game by innovating faster and better than the competition. The Lynxeye team will help you innovate with confidence and stay competitive in fast-moving markets.


  • Innovation portfolio
  • Product innovation
  • Service innovation
  • Commercial innovation
  • Digital innovation

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Create exceptional experiences that your audience loves and comes back for. We help you understand which moments matter the most and how they strengthen relationships.


  • Signature Experiences™
  • Customer experience
  • Digital experience
  • Employee experience

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Make sure your communication stays connected to your strategy and business objectives. We help you plan, evaluate and optimize your communication efforts.


  • Communication strategy
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign production
  • Campaign follow up
  • Marketing and media plan

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M&A Deal

Sign deals and partnerships, confident that you factored in all relevant aspects. We help you evaluate opportunities and forecast the impact on your brand or portfolio.


  • M&A assessments
  • Brand equity valuation
  • Investment portfolio advice
  • Joint venture brands
  • Partnership evaluation

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Successfully turn your hard work and great ambitions into reality. Our team will make sure your team is equipped to succeed and prepared for the many pitfalls of implementation.


  • Beacon Initiative Program™
  • Growth roadmaps
  • Initiative roadmaps
  • Strategy roll-out
  • Purpose roll-out
  • Identity roll-out
  • Workforce transformation

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Unlock the full potential of your organization by transforming your culture and capabilities. We help you structure, develop and optimize the impact of your purpose, people and leaders.


  • Organization design
  • Corporate culture transformation
  • Employer value proposition
  • Employee engagement program
  • Executive transitions
  • Transformational leadership
  • Workforce transformation
European OEMs underestimate the quality of Chinese cars. And Chinese OEMs underestimate the brand strength needed to succeed.
Viking HenterTeam Leader at Lynxeye

Our experience

Two decades of shaping the future of automotive

Lynxeye has spent 25 years driving growth in automotive companies through strategic insights and tangible results. We specialize in guiding organizations through challenging market landscapes, defining future roles, and crafting compelling offerings and experiences.

Volvo Cars

All-time sales high


Global sales boost

Lynk & Co

Sales speed record


Regional sales boost


Best selling model


A rapidly expanding portfolio

  • Volvo Cars

    >500,000 cars sold for the first time

    Volvo partnered with Lynxeye to unlock a new market opportunity. As a result, Volvo was strengthened as a premium brand globally and set multiple sales records.

  • Lotus

    4.4% global sales growth

    Lotus came to Lynxeye to become a leading global sports car brand in terms of both size and recognition.

  • Lynk & Co

    The fastest selling car in history

    Lynxeye worked with Geely to develop the positioning for its new concept, a near premium brand born in China, but attractive enough to be sold around the world.

  • Volkswagen

    35% sales growth in Canada

    When Volkswagen wanted to grow faster than the market in Canada, Lynxeye helped define buyer profiles and brand strategy, which directed model development, communication strategy, online and dealership experience.

  • Dashboard of a Bentley


    Best selling nameplate in history

    Bentley came to Lynxeye to clarify their positioning and product strategy. Lynxeye uncovered a buyer segment with equal love for heritage and technology, that proved the potential of the Bentayga SUV in the portfolio.

  • Geely

    A rapidly expanding portfolio

    Lynxeye assessed the Geely Group’s current portfolio of brands and matched to the prerequisites to take the fight with VW globally. The insights provided helped Geely understand how to best utilize its existing brands, and guided development of new brands as well as acquisitions.

The future of mobility is electric, but will European car buyers stick with their trusted brands?
Marcus DennerstedtClient Leader at Lynxeye