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Purpose in automotive

Case study

In its home market Japan, Toyota has clearly managed to build a lot of trust and a strong relationship with the general public. But it’s the ability to build a compelling story around its future role that sends its Vision score off the charts.​

American Tesla, a company founded with the highly visionary purpose of pioneering electric​ vehicles and speeding up the global transition to EVs, is not able to score the same levels of Trust, Vision nor Impact in its home market. ​

It is likely that Tesla’s public image has been negatively impacted by widely reported statements and actions by its founder, Elon Musk.

About Toyota

Toyota is a leading Japanese automotive company recognized for its innovation and production of reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles. It is known for its commitment to sustainability and quality.​

About Tesla

​Tesla is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company. Renowned for its innovation in the automotive industry, Tesla produces electric cars, energy storage solutions, and solar products.

Industry benchmarks

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