We unravel the complexities of your business challenges with the help of well-designed models and rigorous analysis. Lynxeye uses both proprietary and established methods and frameworks.

A Lynxeye framework

Visual equity evaluation

A process for assessing the strength and consistency of visual identity and design elements of a brand/product.

A strategic business framework

A strong brand identity appeals to your target group, but also boosts recognition and comprehension of the value your business delivers. It is crucial to understand which elements contribute the most, to apply these consistently and manage them with care.

The visual equity evaluation combines customer research with deep expertise, to assess the contribution and function of your brand identity assets. This means you can double down on the most effective elements, ensuring maximum market impact with minimal investments.

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A framework for each opportunity

Signature Experiences™

A way to map defining lifecycle events that leave a lasting impression on people and leverage the brand’s essence.

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Lynxeye Navigator™

A customer-centric framework for creating relevant design and experiences, to reach the optimal market position.

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UI and UX design system

A comprehensive set of guidelines that ensure consistency and coherence in the design of digital products or services.

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Visual identity

A framework that brings together all visual aspects of a brand to ensure a consistent and recognizable expression.

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Brand architecture

A strategic framework for structuring a company’s brands, that clarifies market positioning and optimizes for growth.

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