We unravel the complexities of your business challenges with the help of well-designed models and rigorous analysis. Lynxeye uses both proprietary and established methods and frameworks.

A Lynxeye framework

Lynxeye Navigator™

A framework that outlines strategies, processes, and activities for businesses to expand and increase revenue.

A strategic business framework

The Lynxeye Navigator™ distills customer and business insights in a structured framework, to help top management identify growth opportunities and make well-informed decisions. It is designed to energize your people, support clear prioritization of long-term objectives, and inspire next steps in development and expansion.

The Lynxeye Navigator™ summarizes the company’s or brand’s positioning. It highlights areas where the business must deliver better than (or equal to) competition – guiding decisions relating to market extensions, product innovation, marketing and communications, customer experience, brand identity, partnerships, organizational culture, and more.

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A framework for each opportunity

Change drivers and scenarios

Model for major external catalysts that push companies to evolve, initiating and embracing change.

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Frustrations and demand drivers

A tool to reveal traits that shape customer behavior and interactions with products, services, or companies.

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Portfolio strategy

A structured way to develop, manage, and balance your innovation efforts to meet your growth ambitions.

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Size of prize, right to win

A method for evaluating the total business potential and competitive strength to outperform you competitors.

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Existing and future need states

A research method to uncover specific customer desires, requirements, or experiences at specific times.