For our Purpose Index™ 2024 report, we’ve surveyed the general public about 550 companies around the world and verified the business impact of purpose.

A global purpose report

Purpose Index™ 2024

Finding the key to what makes a business truly purposeful has been a long process. We started measuring our Purpose Index™ back in 2015 when we couldn’t find a study that fulfilled all our requirements.

Since then, we have perfected our index into a reliable model that summarizes the general public’s views and expectations of companies.

A global purpose study

  • 8


  • 17,000


  • 550

    brands globally

A verified competitive advantage

Purpose-driven brands are strategically positioned to win. We can confidently conclude that purpose has clear business effects. We have measured purpose since 2015 and this year’s study has nearly 17,000 respondents and 1,000 observation pairs for correlating purpose and different types of impact.

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Our work tells us that organizations where purpose is successfully embedded enjoy more consistent growth and greater success when it comes to business transformation, innovation efforts and brand development.
Johan EkelinCo-founder and Partner at Lynxeye

Top 50

We surveyed the public in eight markets around the globe, including the world’s six largest economies, to find the most purposeful companies from Fortune 500 Global.

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Industry benchmarks

The study also covers large corporations and a selection of brands from certain industries and categories in each market, representing industries and categories that we know from experience are often highly purpose-driven.


Direction and strategy with purpose

Brand development

Use your brand to manifest your purpose

Growth opportunities

Navigating growth opportunities with purpose

Products and services

Purpose-led value propositions

New customers

Purposeful connections


Purpose to secure successful transformation

  • Strategy

    Direction and strategy with purpose

    Eva Öjert explains why purpose is the best approach to corporate strategy and will provide competitive edge.

  • Brand development

    Use your brand to manifest your purpose

    Cecilia Hansen describes how brand and customer experience can be a unique manifestation of your purpose and highlight the value you bring to customers.

  • Growth opportunities

    Find growth with purpose

    Andreas Kåreby tells how purpose can be a way to achieve growth by uncovering the right business opportunities.

  • Products and services

    Purpose-led value propositions

    Fran Merino explains what purpose can bring to innovation and creating new offerings and value propositions.

  • New customers

    Connect with the help of purpose

    Johan Snällfot knows why purpose is a superior way to build values-based customer relationships.

  • Transformation

    Purpose to secure successful transformation

    Anna Björk describes how purpose can facilitate change and transformation in your organization.

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We measure both Purpose Index™ and additional metrics related to performance, such as talent attraction and preference, continuously over the year.

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We love to meet with companies, share what we have found when measuring Purpose Index™ and performance metrics, and discuss what the results mean for companies and industries.

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Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and experience of not just researching purpose, but activating it for companies and brands to improve business performance.

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