Lynxeye Purpose Index™ is a global study looking into how purposeful the general public perceive companies to be. It has been carried out consistently since the first study in 2015.

Lynxeye Purpose Index™ 2024

Big Tech continues to top the rankings

The ranking of the world’s largest corporations continues to be topped by the international tech giants. They claim these positions by being the enablers of what is considered modern life today.

Google is the gateway to the Internet for large parts of the world, Apple is the benchmark for the most popular tech categories, Microsoft makes professional life endurable for many workers, and Amazon is both the backbone of the Internet though AWS and a supplier of many, many households’ daily purchases.

The question is: who will be able to challenge them?

One of the changes that we can see is that Google has increased their dominance, from having shared the top spot to now solely occupying it. This is in part driven by Apple’s loss of the American youth, who no longer perceive Apple to have the same positive impact as older generations do.
Viking HenterInsights Manager and Team Leader at Lynxeye​

01. Google

Being the portal to the world, the starting point for every decision, the answer to every question, and the beginning of every journey, and all for free, it is understandable why the public sees Google as having a clear purpose.

02. Apple

Continuously redefining category after category, and becoming the stick for everyone else to be measured with, while feverously fighting for the privacy of all customers, have set Apple up for a clear second place.

03. Microsoft

Microsoft’s heroic return over the last decade from being one of the most uncool companies, to one of the most revered, is a textbook example of how setting a clear vision can change a company.

04. Amazon

While controversial for some, many have found Amazon to be their one stop shop: this is true for households and IT infrastructure alike through AWS. Reliably delivering as a main supplier have set them up for success.

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