We research how purpose drives business success. And our data is clear: purposeful companies consistently score higher on all relevant business metrics.

Purpose Index™ 2024

Your next opportunity is purpose-led

Purpose as corporate strategy

Eva Öjert explains why purpose is the best appraoch to corporate strategy and how it will provide a competitive edge.

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Purpose in brand development

Cecilia Hansen describes how purpose can be used in brand development to create memorable experiences.

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Purpose to achieve growth

Andreas Kåreby outlines how purpose can be a way to achieve growth by uncovering the right business opportunities.

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Purpose in innovation

Fran Merino explains what purpose can bring to innovation and creating new offerings and value propositions.

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Purpose and values-based relationships

Johan Snällfot knows why purpose is a superior way to build values-based customer relationships.

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Purpose facilitating transformation

Anna Björk describes how purpose can facilitate change and transformation in your organization.

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A verified competitive advantage

Purpose-driven brands are strategically positioned to win. We can confidently conclude that purpose has clear business effects. We have measured purpose since 2015 and this year’s study has nearly 17,000 respondents and 1,000 observation pairs for correlating purpose and different types of impact.

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Purpose fosters engaged employees, loyal customers, constant innovation, and lasting trust. It’s not about goodwill, it fuels success.
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