Lynxeye helps to future-proof industrial B2B companies by guiding top-level management through transformative shifts, answering complex questions about the future of business.


Industrial B2B

Multiple shifts

There is a shift towards a digitalized, automated and sustainable industry.

  • Purpose-driven strategies are a winning formula through the market shift.
  • Digitalization and technological shifts are changing the landscape.
  • Sustainable solutions, circularity and efficient use of resources is a win-win.

Trailing perception

Perception of industrial B2B companies trail behind despite positive efforts in areas such as innovation and sustainability.

  • A legacy and image of being traditional and slow.
  • Nordic heritage values could be turned into key differentiation assets.
  • Outdated brand and experience often holds back the image.

Global growth

There is a challenge to operate in a decentralized and global organization with a growing portfolio of brands.

  • Sub-optimal use of brand assets with growing number of M&A’s.
  • Growing complexity of portfolio and go-to-market.
  • An explosion of physical and digital touchpoints.

Young talent

It's challenging to attract the next generation of talents and new skill sets.

  • Increased expectations on employers.
  • Structure hinders showcasing group’s progressive brands.
  • Role of brand is increasing in employer branding.
We see that these shifts and strategic challenges are often interlinked and are difficult to tackle separately, they require a holistic approach.
Alan CosarClient Leader at Lynxeye

How we can help

We help to future-proof industrial B2B companies

For the last 25 years, Lynxeye has guided industrial B2B companies and top-level management through transformative shifts, answering complex questions about the future of business.

Embracing a holistic approach, Lynxeye future-proofs industrial B2B companies by guiding a purpose-driven strategic direction, steering brand architecture from chaos to clarity, and enhancing brand expression to manifest the strategic direction.

By considering both business and brand perspectives, we deliver impactful execution.

Wind power generation on the mountain top in the morning.

How we support industrial B2B companies:

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Uncover and size new growth opportunities for your business. Our team will provide the data-based advice you need to evaluate and prioritize between opportunities.


  • Growth Opportunity Mapping™
  • Geographical expansion
  • Future scenarios
  • Category extension
  • Expansion roadmaps

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Find the answer to why your business exists and will prosper in the future. With us, you get 25 years’ experience of monitoring and developing corporate purpose.


  • Corporate purpose
  • Purpose Index™
  • Purpose roll-out

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Develop a clear and actionable strategy for where intend to go. Our team’s extensive strategy experience will help you achieve full business potential.


  • Business strategy
  • Commercial strategy
  • Positioning strategy
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Strategy roll-out
  • Brand architecture strategy

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Keep track of the factors that will influence your future business. Our proprietary methods show you what is around the corner and help you understand why.


  • Change Drivers™
  • Competitive landscape
  • Movements and trends

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Explore your audience or identify entirely new segments. Our proprietary solutions help you decode what drives and motivates your customers on a fundamental level.


  • Human Motivations™
  • Audience profiling
  • Market segmentation
  • Design target group

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Create or refresh strong brand identities that resonate with your customers. Our team will ensure a consistent brand expression that sets you apart and puts you ahead in your market.


  • Brand architecture design
  • Visual identity
  • Naming
  • Sonic identity
  • Digital identity
  • Identity roll-out

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Stay ahead of the game by innovating faster and better than the competition. The Lynxeye team will help you innovate with confidence and stay competitive in fast-moving markets.


  • Innovation portfolio
  • Product innovation
  • Service innovation
  • Commercial innovation
  • Digital innovation

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Create exceptional experiences that your audience loves and comes back for. We help you understand which moments matter the most and how they strengthen relationships.


  • Signature Experiences™
  • Customer experience
  • Digital experience
  • Employee experience

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Make sure your communication stays connected to your strategy and business objectives. We help you plan, evaluate and optimize your communication efforts.


  • Communication strategy
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign production
  • Campaign follow up
  • Marketing and media plan

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M&A Deal

Sign deals and partnerships, confident that you factored in all relevant aspects. We help you evaluate opportunities and forecast the impact on your brand or portfolio.


  • M&A assessments
  • Brand equity valuation
  • Investment portfolio advice
  • Joint venture brands
  • Partnership evaluation

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Successfully turn your hard work and great ambitions into reality. Our team will make sure your team is equipped to succeed and prepared for the many pitfalls of implementation.


  • Beacon Initiative Program™
  • Growth roadmaps
  • Initiative roadmaps
  • Strategy roll-out
  • Purpose roll-out
  • Identity roll-out
  • Workforce transformation

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Unlock the full potential of your organization by transforming your culture and capabilities. We help you structure, develop and optimize the impact of your purpose, people and leaders.


  • Organization design
  • Corporate culture transformation
  • Employer value proposition
  • Employee engagement program
  • Executive transitions
  • Transformational leadership
  • Workforce transformation
When creating a brand experience for a B2B company, we use the term 
B2P (Business to People) as a reminder of a more human approach with a sensibility for emotional drivers — an effective way to differentiate towards the competition.
Carl Johan NäsCreative Director at Lynxeye

Experience and cases

Lynxeye helped future-proof the global engineering group, Sandvik

Navigating towards a digitalized, automated, and resource-efficient industry, Lynxeye guided Sandvik through strategic direction, brand architecture, and brand experience, considering both business and brand perspectives.

In 2023, Sandvik is grounded in its purpose to advance the world through engineering and has executed a global roll-out of their brand, both externally and internally.


We are proud to have supported a wide range of corporations within the industrial B2B sector, in the pursuit of their next opportunity.

Industrial B2B company logos


A true industry leader

Sandvik Coromant

Ready for B2B future


A clear new direction


Actionable, purpose-driven strategy

  • Sandvik

    Repositioned and looking like a true leader

    Lynxeye helped Sandvik emphasize its commitment to lead the shift towards a digitalized and automated industry.

  • Sandvik Coromant

    Modernized and ready for growth

    Lynxeye created a new brand experience that equips Sandvik Coromant for a digital future and reflects its commitment to drive positive change.

  • Munters

    A clear direction in a competitive landscape

    Munters came to Lynxeye with the need to future-proof and differentiate their brand to better face increased international competition.

  • Veoneer

    An award-winning automotive safety electronics company

    Lynxeye created a strategy around the purpose of creating trust in mobility along with clear foundations that gave actionable direction to the full organization.