Lynxeye’s adaptable and human-centric approach ensures success in any industry we serve. We leverage our broad expertise to meet diverse client needs and strategize for what’s coming next.

Our expertise



Lynxeye has driven growth in automotive companies through strategic insights and tangible results for 25 years.

We specialize in guiding organizations through challenging market landscapes, defining future roles, and crafting compelling offerings and experiences.

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Lynxeye has vast experience from supporting both clients within the financial and FinTech sectors in the pursuit of their next opportunity.

We specialize in helping major banks, neobanks, and tech challengers grow their market presence and unlock future business potential.

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Industrial B2B

Lynxeye guides industrial B2B companies and top-level management through transformative shifts, answering complex questions about the future of business.

We deliver impactful execution by considering both business and brand perspectives.

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Healthcare and pharma

Lynxeye intentifies new opportunities for companies in health, health services, pharmaceuticals and MedTech.

We specialize in guiding organizations through challenging market landscapes, defining future roles, and crafting compelling offerings and experiences.

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Lynxeye has a proven track record of successful growth projects in all parts of the food industry, from from producers and individual brands to retail chains and the big FMCG companies.

We help these companies create profitable growth in the short- and long-term.

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Energy and utilities

Lynxeye supports energy and utilities companies in positioning themselves for long-term commercial success.

We help these businesses embrace innovation, prioritize sustainability, enhance customer engagement and adapt decentralization.

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Lynxeye works with businesses and brands in the fashion industry to achieve sustainable growth.

We’re a guide in how to handle challenges such as rapidly changing consumer preferences, sustainability imperatives, and brand differentiation.

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Lynxeye helps FMCG companies thrive in their markets and secure a position for long-term success.

We develop strategic approaches to challenges such as shifting consumer preferences, e-commerce disruption, sustainability demands, rising costs, and private label competition.

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Media and entertainment

Lynxeye helps companies in the media and entertainment industries seize new opportunities and achieve their business goals.

We help navigate areas such as data-driven user behavior analysis, streaming-first strategies, leveraging new technology, and personalized entertainment experiences.

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Lynxeye works with spirit brands and producers to navigate a both traditional and evolving market.

We support in areas such as shifting consumer preferences, product development, sustainability, geographic expansion and brand design.

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Lynxeye helps telecom providers step into the spotlight, so they can earn recognition for their contributions to people’s lives and differentiate themselves from the image as mere commodity providers.

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Travel and hospitality

Lynxeye support the travel industry in navigating the, sometimes daunting, challenges it is facing with a focus on identifying opportunities for growth.

We help companies understand and adapt to evolving consumer preferences, innovate new formats and services, and develop win-win sustainability strategies.

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