Decode what truly drives and motivates your current and future customers.

Your next


It’s business critical to understand who your future customers are, because it will reveal which your best business opportunities are. You gain an advantage if you know which behaviors can work in your favor, and where you are better positioned to act than your competition.

Perhaps your next customer segment is a new addition, or perhaps there is need for realignment because your current customer segment is shrinking or drastically changing behavior.

At Lynxeye, we pride ourselves in our own values-based segmentation model, Human Motivations™. Over 25 years, we’ve used it as a starting point when perfecting a uniquely quantifiable model for sizing customer segments and opportunities.

Value-based segmentation is a superior method because it provides comprehensive understanding of people’s decision-making processes and preferences. Consistently connecting with customers on this fundamental level will also foster long-term relationships, as personal values tend to change little and slowly. It's also easier to create a shared sense of purpose when your starting point is human motivations.

Our toolbox

We work with both proprietary and established methods and frameworks.

Six frameworks for customer segments

Value and impact

Values-based customer segmentation will help you

  • Gain a timeless understanding of what drives your customers
  • Estimate the volume and value of each customer segment
  • A reliable platform to consult for relevant brand extensions
  • Have foresight into which products will be successful
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2:1 is the ratio of successful brands’ market share, comparing their best performing customer segment vs their worst. Even major brands are targeted, whether they want to or not.