Design brands and experiences that truly resonate with your audience.

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Brand experience

Brand and customer experiences are direct and indirect, digital and analog, personal and general. They relate to companies, products, and services. They are not tied to a single touch point or channel; it is the cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints over time.

In order to design experiences that last and truly resonate with your customers on a fundamental level, you need to understand what matters to your customer, when and how. That’s why insights about people and change drivers should always guide design of all aspects of customer, brand or user experience.

At Lynxeye, brand and customer experience is the sensory expression of purpose, corporate direction and strategy. We aim to trigger a human reaction that makes an experience last in both minds and hearts of people.

Our team will help you balance strategic brand integrity with business agility when making choices about expression and experience. We use insights-driven methods to not just find the right starting point, but to validate design concepts or reveal which experiences are key moments that motivate a certain investment.

Our toolbox

We work with both proprietary and established methods and frameworks.

Six frameworks for brand experience

Value and impact

Well-designed customer experiences helps you

  • Create an impactful sum larger than its individual parts
  • Gain an invaluable aesthetic factor that’s impossible to copy
  • Clarify the relationship between BX, CX and UX
  • Ensure a time- and resource efficient roll-out
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Studies show that companies that provide exceptional customer experience outperform their competitors by 80% in terms of revenue growth.