Lynxeye identified the brand position, led a naming process and created a new visual identity, to unite the two cultures and hundreds of employees coming together.


Industry Business Services

Geography Global

Impact New name, new identity, new experience

BearingPoint and IFS formed a new joint venture. In a collaborative creative process, Lynxeye identified the brand position, helped generate a new name and created a visual identity.


BearingPoint, a returning Lynxeye client, needed a clearer brand position, a name, and a visual brand experience for its new, global joint venture in professional business services. And the launch was planned for just a few months later.

Since the joint venture was bringing two existing organizations together, the new company would be a complete with hundreds of colleagues from the first day. This meant that the new brand needed to make a lot of people, coming from two separate cultures, immediately identify with the new brand, feel like they belong to it, and take pride in it.

Competition was not only high for business, but also for talent. Software developers with great business understanding are in demand the world over, making it extremely important that the new brand would deliver on employer brand impact.


Lynxeye formed a well-integrated workgroup with stakeholders from BearingPoint and IFS. This way, the team could consider both cultures and perspectives, and help find common ground when developing the joint venture’s position and brand promise.

In a collaborative and iterative creative process, Lynxeye helped generate the new and globally registered name, Arcwide, that works well with the brand position and the minds of both employees and clients.

A new, digital first visual identity balanced the heritage from the two parent brands. Using a co-creative approach, Lynxeye guided decisions on what would be kept, what would be excluded, and what would be used for contrast.

Two equally strong founders mean two of everything: opinions, perspectives, cultures. But thanks to a collaborative process, the end result is a pleasant unity.
Carl Johan NäsCreative Director Lynxeye


To meet the challenging time requirements, Lynxeye tailored a quick-paced project with parallel work streams for brand positioning, naming and visual identity development. By carefully planning continuous touchpoints, these usually consecutive streams were kept in synch throughout the project.

  • Brand positioning
  • Naming, including legal process for global use
  • Visual identity, including new website
  • Implementation support, including guides and template