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Corporate direction

Corporate Direction is the answer when demands on corporations to step up as responsible leaders increase on all levels – from customers, shareholders and regulators.

It provides strategic guidance inside and out by defining long-term goals, vision, and purpose of the business. It should also set the strategies and initiatives required to achieve these.

At Lynxeye, corporate purpose is central when setting a new corporate direction. Purpose should capture your passion points, what real challenges for people that you are aiming to tackle, what unique assets allow you to do so, and how it will increase profits and create positive effects on all stakeholder groups.

Our toolbox

We work with both proprietary and established methods and frameworks.

Six frameworks for corporate direction

Value and impact

Corporate direction brings

  • Strategic alignment
  • Competitive advantages
  • Long-term relevance
  • Investor confidence
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Passionate organization
  • Operational efficiency
  • Business agility
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Surveys show that 40% of CEOs don’t think their companies will be economically viable a decade from now, if they continue on their current path.