Uncover, explore and estimate new growth opportunities for your business.

Your next

Business opportunity

Pursue not just any, but the right business opportunities by staying on top of ever-changing market dynamics like emerging customer needs and competitive landscapes.

Business opportunity mapping combines multiple change drivers to uncover new areas where your business can win through new market positioning, new business models, category extensions, or geographical expansion.

At Lynxeye, we use proprietary frameworks to reveal your opportunities and navigate among them. Our team identifies which change drivers should be taken into account and finds hidden white-spaces with high business potential and latent market demand.

We then consult your purpose, direction and brand to identify a unique mandate to take a next step where your competitors cannot go. Finally, we size the opportunity so you can make a confident decision on your next step.

Our toolbox

We work with both proprietary and established methods and frameworks.

Six frameworks for business opportunities

Value and impact

Business opportunity mapping will help you

  • Understand how to navigate markets with few constants
  • Gain a clear map of the future competitive landscape
  • Use insights to maximize opportunity and minimize risk
  • Identify high potential business opportunities
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Data shows that companies are 97% more likely to outperform when they invest in multiple pathways for growth.