We use our Lynxeye Purpose Index™ to measure and explore the impact of corporate purpose and understand its significance among the world's largest and most successful companies and brands.

Purpose Index™

We’re passionate about purpose

We’ve always believed that companies are an absolute necessity for individuals and society to progress. But they must contribute more than they take away, and to do that they need to be clear about their purpose.

We believe tomorrow’s companies are purpose-driven and solve real problems for people, real challenges for industries, and real dilemmas for society.

Defining purpose

Our fact-based definition of purpose is: An honest intention to lead positive change. We arrived at this after several large research studies on what has meaning in people’s lives, and on what makes business successful.

There is sometimes a misconception that purpose is about CSR, and as such odds are that the impact it creates is smaller. The more a purpose is a true north star for where to take the business the higher the positive impact for all stakeholders. It’s a matter of creating win, win, win, win.
Johan EkelinLynxeye

Measuring purpose

To understand how purpose works and what impact it has, we measure it with our Lynxeye Purpose Index™ and explore the progress of the world’s most purposeful companies and brands.

We rank how purposeful corporations are among the general public in different geographic markets, and analyze how purpose will evolve in coming years.

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Lynxeye Purpose Index™

Global 2023

We survey a total of 15,000 respondents in seven of the world’s largest economies about which statements they associate with over 430 companies and brands.

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Business impact

A corporate purpose is a company’s raison d’être: it is the answer to why your business exists today and why it will prosper. This means that purposeful companies both secure future relevance and improve their bottom line.

Organizations that have established and implemented a clear purpose will benefit financially from both internal and external factors. In Lynxeye Purpose Index™, we see that companies high index scores correlates with financial performance.

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That is why I think it is important to ‘stress test’ your purpose. Can you break it down for different parts of the business? Can you break it down into the different functions, so that everyone understands their role?
Johan EkelinLynxeye