Lynxeye Purpose Index™ is a global study looking into how purposeful the general public perceive companies to be. It has been carried out consistently since the first study in 2015.

Purpose Index™

The building blocks of purpose

Finding the key to what makes a business truly purposeful has been a long process. We started measuring our Purpose Index™ back in 2015 when we couldn’t find a study that fulfilled all our requirements.

Since then, we have perfected our index into a reliable model that summarizes the general public’s views and expectations of companies.

Through extensive research and large sets of data we have isolated three key aspects for being purposeful. Three dimensions that are interlocking and mutually supportive of a strong purpose: Trust, Vision, and Impact.

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To measure purpose in the study, respondents associate companies with 22 statements. Sixteen of these form our three purpose dimensions, Trust, Vision, and Impact. They have been selected based on factors proven to link to a higher purpose, in ways that companies can create positive impact for people and society.

In addition, we measure six statements related to business performance. We analyze the business impact of purpose by looking at the correlation between these statements and the Purpose Index™ score.