Niclas most recently held a global leadership role at McKinsey’s Innovation and Design practices, and before that grew and internationalized innovation and design firm Veryday, that was acquired by McKinsey in 2016.

Niclas Andersson

Meet our CEO

“I’m very proud to be given the opportunity to continue working in a global context with issues like values and purpose, business strategy, innovation and brand development. And especially at such an established and successful company as Lynxeye, that’s in the middle of an ongoing international expansion. I’ve truly longed to grow companies again and feel that the years at McKinsey have provided experiences that will come in handy now in this entrepreneurial setting,” said Niclas Andersson, CEO at Lynxeye.

Niclas Andersson was a senior leader in McKinsey’s global Innovation and Design practices. Before that he grew and internationalized the award-winning innovation and design firm Veryday, that was rewarded more Red Dot awards than any other design agency, up until 2016 when Veryday was acquired by McKinsey. He has worked with digital transformation, portfolio innovation and management, brand transformation as well as overall future corporate vision and strategy.

Niclas has the perfect profile to lead Lynxeye onwards. As we grew, the need arose for senior experience and a more defined leadership role. With Niclas we get not only that but, thanks to his background, a very good opportunity to expand further both in terms of global reach and offering.
Christian IhreCo-founder and Partner

“Christian and I now get the opportunity to focus externally and put all our time and then some into the transformational journeys of our clients. It’s a fast moving and incredibly fun time to be doing what we do, and we’re freeing up time to participate in development and discourse surrounding purpose and business strategy. Helping companies see the full potential of being purpose-driven is one of our time’s most important issues for society and business,” said Johan Ekelin, Co-founder and Partner at Lynxeye.

The CEO recruitment and revamped roles for the founders is the last part of a years-long strategic redevelopment of Lynxeye’s offering, that has covered both recruitment of new skills and reorganization of the company to suit new ways of working.

“We should offer what business leaders need today and tomorrow. When we talked about corporate purpose 20 years ago, we had to explain to clients what we meant. Today it’s an established way to do business. The world has caught up with our way of thinking. Lots of companies have a purpose today and primarily need our support in making it reality: every day in the operations, for employees and clients. It sets new demands on our skills and services,” said Christian Ihre.

At the same time, there’s lots we’re not changing. Lynxeye still has a solid foundation in insights-based strategic work. We love data and don’t make guesses or go with our gut feeling. And we measure the effect of the work we do for clients. I look forward to strengthening the offering within transformation and product and service design to match the level that Lynxeye’s insights and strategy work has been on for a long time.
Niclas AnderssonCEO