Li Shan joined Lynxeye in 2018 as a Strategy Consultant. Over the years, she progressed to the role of Team Leader and has today advanced to Client Leader. Li Shan is based at our Singapore office.

Meet Li Shan Lim

One of our Client Leaders

What does a Client Leader do?

Most project teams at Lynxeye consist of a Head of Client Team, a Client Leader, a Team Leader, and one or several Insights and Strategy Consultants. Each role has its own specific purpose and tasks within the project.

As a Client Leader at Lynxeye, I am responsible for ensuring business impact and client satisfaction by managing deliverables and strategic thinking. My day-to-day activities include problem-solving, collaborating with clients, and working with the team to ensure our recommendations are built on a solid foundation.

Another aspect of my role involves attracting new clients who can benefit from our services. This is achieved by sharing knowledge about Lynxeye at events and reaching out to specific industry prospects. We also actively share key insights from the Lynxeye Purpose Index™ to help clients craft growth and transformation initiatives.

Having been with Lynxeye for seven years, I have had the opportunity to broaden my skills and undertake various roles within the organization.
Li Shan

Name four Client Leader skills

Balancing logical and creative thinking is crucial in this role. You need to explore innovative solutions and make decisions based on the client’s business ambitions and priorities.

Adaptability is necessary to facilitate collaboration between the team and the client efficiently, especially when facing unforeseen changes in any project. This involves being flexible in execution and having the ability to pivot when needed to navigate complex project landscapes.

Communication and collaboration skills are vital for engaging team members and building a productive relationship with the client. Effective communication involves not only conveying ideas clearly but also actively listening and responding to feedback.

Collaboration requires fostering a team environment where diverse perspectives are valued and everyone is motivated to contribute their best. Building trust and rapport with the client ensures that their needs and expectations are met, resulting in successful project outcomes.

In my role, it’s essential to explore innovative solutions and make decisions based on the client’s business ambitions and priorities.
Li Shan

Why do you work at Lynxeye?

I get to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and I find that very rewarding, as it brings varied perspectives to our work. This global reach also extends to the international clients and brands I engage with daily.

I am currently based in the Singapore office, where we have a team of eight colleagues, fostering a tight-knit group. Despite being located on the other side of the world from our headquarters in Stockholm, we often collaborate on projects and maintain daily contact with our colleagues in Sweden.

Also, the culture at Lynxeye is characterized by a flat hierarchy. Regardless of your role, everyone is empowered to lead and contribute to projects and the broader Lynxeye organization.

Finally, Lynxeye places a strong emphasis on work-life balance, encouraging ownership in how we manage our work. This approach allows us to maintain a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives.

I find working with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures rewarding, as it brings varied perspectives to our work.
Li Shan