Client Leader

Li Shan Lim

Inspired by the commercial, anthropological and sociological branding process, I’ve had the opportunity to develop and execute brand and marketing strategies for industries such as FMCG, hospitality, banking, technology, retail, food, manufacturing, and automotive.

I majored in marketing with over ten years of experience working alongside brands across international markets.

I like to make things happen. I love hands-on work like prototyping, testing, failing, refining, and putting things into practice.
Li Shan Lim

When do you love your work?

The core of what we do stems from understanding what drives and motivates people – the ‘why’ behind their actions. These insights help us understand the nuances and complexities of human behavior that enable us to solve real problems that can truly make a difference in our society. Together with that, having the opportunity to work with energetic and venturous individuals!

Name a great purpose example

Aside from the fact that music has the unique ability to move us, I think Spotify takes up that challenge and own the courage to stand for why they exist, offering solutions that are meaningful for people – both the creators and listeners.