We unravel the complexities of your business challenges with the help of well-designed models and rigorous analysis. Lynxeye uses both proprietary and established methods and frameworks.

A Lynxeye framework

Lynxeye Optimizer™

A dynamic concept testing tool that lets you develop stronger concepts and understand their full potential.

A strategic business framework

Our method for multi-variate concept testing, offers valuable insights by allowing you to evaluate multiple variables simultaneously. This provides comprehensive understanding of how different elements contribute to a concept's success or failure.

Using Lynxeye Optimizer™, you can rapidly go from customer opportunity to fully-fledged concepts, with validated potential, ready for development. The method effectively explores various paths to meet customer demand, eliminating less impactful routes along the way.

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A framework for each opportunity

Signature Experiences™

A way to map defining lifecycle events that leave a lasting impression on people and leverage the brand’s essence.

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Prototypes and MVP’s

A model for early testing of hypotheses, learning from real user interactions for informed decisions for the future.

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Proposition ecosystem

A way to understand interconnected networks of products, services, and offerings that address customer needs.

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Innovation portfolio

A structured way to develop, manage, and balance your innovation efforts to meet your growth ambitions.

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Purpose-Driven Value Proposition™

A clear and compelling statement about the unique value and benefits a product, service or offering provides.

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