We unravel the complexities of your business challenges with the help of well-designed models and rigorous analysis. Lynxeye uses both proprietary and established methods and frameworks.

A Lynxeye framework

Business model innovation™

A process for new business models that deliver new value sources, competitive advantage, and sustainable growth.

A strategic business framework

Business model innovation involves strategically restructuring a business's foundation to create captivating value propositions for customers and stakeholders. Lynxeye excels in this realm, redefining business models to address market needs and latent customer desires.

Going beyond superficial shifts, Lynxeye understands the need for comprehensive adjustments, tackling recognized problems and revealing hidden challenges that may have gone unnoticed by both the company and its customers. This innovative approach employs an omni-channel strategy, seamlessly integrating traditional and modern methodologies to introduce new value sources, establish competitive advantage, and foster sustainable growth.

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A framework for each opportunity

Lynxeye Navigator™

A framework that outlines strategies, processes, and activities for businesses to expand and increase revenue.

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Frustrations and demand drivers

A tool to reveal traits that shape customer behavior and interactions with products, services, or companies.

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Innovation portfolio

A structured way to develop, manage, and balance your innovation efforts to meet your growth ambitions.

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Change drivers and scenarios

Model for major external catalysts that push companies to evolve, initiating and embracing change.

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Business impact assessment

Evaluation of the potential effects and consequences that various risks or disruptions could have on your business.

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