Regnology is a global leader in regulatory reporting. With a singular focus on regulatory reporting and data, Regnology delivers powerful solutions for financial institutions, regulators and tax authorities around the world.


Industry Fintech

Geography Global

Impact New name, new visual identity

RegTech needed to reinvent itself. Lynxeye created a new name, Regnology, and a new identity that reflected its future vision, mission, and positioning.


RegTech, the successful regulatory technology unit of management consultant BearingPoint, had recently been acquired by private equity firm Nordic Capital, but the well-established brand was not part of the acquisition. RegTech was no longer a business unit but an independent company and needed a new name and visual identity to go with it.

The name and identity should reflect the future vision, mission, and positioning of the new company. At the same time, they needed to retain as much awareness and equity from the existing RegTech brand heritage. They also needed to find a name and identity that would help the new company stand out from the competition.


Lynxeye created the name Regnology – a name that retains familiarity from the existing brand, but is strong and original enough to stand on its own. An all-encompassing name development process covering legal, linguistic, and communicable aspects ensured that the new name would perform smoothly online and offline, locally and internationally, now and tomorrow.

Building on heritage and values like stability, authority and innovation, Lynxeye designed a symbol inspired by pixel perfect precision, and a comprehensive visual identity including a customized version of Lab Grotesque, a font developed together with Letters from Sweden. The identity is leading the shift towards Regnology’s new position.

If you are a Jeep or a Google – synonymous to the category itself, just like RegTech, you need to work hard to keep the brand ownership. Otherwise the competitors can start to dilute the enormous advantage.
Carl Johan NäsCreative Director Lynxeye


To meet the challenging time requirements, Lynxeye tailored a quick-paced project with parallel work streams for naming and visual identity development. By carefully planning continuous touchpoints, these two usually consecutive streams, were kept in synch throughout the project.

  • New name
  • Visual identity
  • Implementation support



A name that preserves the market leadership.

Visual identity

Regnology Sans is a customized version of Lab Grotesque, developed together with Letters from Sweden.


The new symbol is flexible in both size and placement.