Aarke is a Swedish design company founded in 2013 that designs premium home essentials engineered to elevate everyday routines.


Industry Consumer products

Geography Global

Impact Broadened product portfolio

Aarke partnered up with Lynxeye to define positioning, strategy and initiative roadmap and is now expanding internationally, in pursuit of its future customer.


Aarke came to Lynxeye at a time when its current products were performing well in the market, but the team wanted to identify and understand its future customer, from whom their main growth would come in the coming years.


Lynxeye designed a segmentation study and process to define a meaningful positioning and strategy for Aarke, as well as provided guidance for how the organization should prioritize among initiatives.


Aarke has broadened its product portfolio during 2022 and continues an expansive and international growth journey for the brand.