Tangent GC is a premium skincare brand known for well-designed, high quality products made with natural ingredients and scents. Founded in Sweden in 2012, Tangent GC is today sold across the globe.

Tangent GC

Industry Beauty

Geography Global

Impact Successful venture into a new category

Four aluminum bottles of Tangent GC perfume with white labels.

Lynxeye designed and launched Tangent GC’s new venture into niche fragrance, redefining recyclability for the category.


For more than ten years, Tangent GC has been dedicated to offering natural and sustainable products in categories such as skincare and garment care. The brand is committed to great quality both inside and outside its bottles and tubes.

After years of preparation, Tangent GC chose to extend its brand into a new category: niche fragrance. The product design needed to not only be visually flawless, but aspire to new levels of recyclability.

Tangent GC and Lynxeye have years of successful design collaboration, and partnered up again to create the multi-sensory brand expression that has so far taken the brand across the globe.

Because aluminum is an element, they are eternally recyclable. They are also lighter than the commonly used glass material, and more or less indestructible.
David SamuelssonFounder Tangent GC


Lynxeye has continuously developed the brand design system for Tangent GC over the years. Now, the four new Eau de Parfums needed to be differentiated from the existing skin- and garment care ranges.

The Tangent GC team had drawn inspiration from some of nature’s most treasured fragrances when concocting the new EdPs: Cedar, Vetiver, Neroli and Violet. The packaging design needed to reflect these gender neutral notes, as well as the timeless appeal and premium level of Tangent GC.

The Lynxeye team initiated an intensive research phase to find the best materials, formats, proportions and placements for the new packaging. The final choice fell on aluminium, which is beautiful, easy to recycle and lightweight, but most importantly shields the perfume from its worst enemy – light. Light, that causes fragrances to oxidize and ages the valuable perfume oils.


The new EdP range was successfully launched in 2023. For the release, to contrast the expression of the aluminium, we let international floral artist Mirja Bozarth Fornell create four floral sculptures – one for each perfume. The sculptures explore the fragrances and ingredients.

The bottles are protected in an optically squared box built from thick, rigid cardboard coated with matt paper. As a final touch, the box is cellophane-wrapped to withstand handling and ensure product virginity.

Modular point of sales displays made of a mineral and plastic hybrid, as well as designated blotter cards accompanied each perfume.


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