EDO is a unisex beauty and skincare brand launched in 2022 that wants to redefine masculinity and find a healthier approach to what it means to be a man.


Industry Beauty

Geography Global

Less than six months after its initial launch, EDO was not just new and ambitious, but had become an award-winning Nordic beauty and skincare brand for men.


EDO wanted its packaging to look and feel as great as the skincare and makeup inside. They also wanted to appeal to the modern man, while avoiding male stereotypes and staying true to its ambitious vision for quality and sustainability.


Lynxeye developed visual identity and packaging design based on EDO’s brand values, honoring the importance of sustainably sourced materials. The new packaging also made sure that EDO was clearly differentiated from competitors and would have a strong shelf presence.

In addition, the team designed EDO’s global DTC e-commerce site.


  • Visual identity
  • Packaging design
  • Digital design
Traditionally, male beauty and skincare has meant bold colors like Ferrari red and use of aggressive symbolism. Anything to avoid being confused with products for women. We’re different. Our focus is extremely well-designed products that give great results.
Johan LundellCo-founder EDO


In discussion with EDO’s founders, Lynxeye established the visual foundations for the new brand. This was followed by a longer period of research and development to complete the ambitious packaging vision.

In a close collaborative process, the Lynxeye team developed a design system that was applied across the full product range – unifying the secondary packaging (custom-made cellulose) and primary packaging. Meticulous care was put into every detail of the designs in terms of color scheme and texture, as well as size and proportions.

As part of developing the designs for the global e-commerce site, Lynxeye’s quality assurance process made sure that the visual assets would perform equally well in a digital context, as on a physical store shelf.

I want to take the shame out of vanity and self-care for men. If I need to touch up my brows because they got a bit sun bleached, I want to be able to do that with a product that is not some pink eyebrow pen sold at Sephora.
Danny SaucedoCo-founder EDO