A brand strategist with passion for clear, perceptive brands that are true to their core and meet real emotive customer needs.

Team Leader

Ylva Forssander

I have 10 years of experience in strategic brand management from both a consultant- and client perspective. This was most recently in the role of brand manager within the pension industry, where I was responsible for building the SPP brand in the Swedish market. Prior to that, I gained six years of experience of brand consultancy within the Kantar group. Helping clients in various industries with insights, brand positioning and brand activation across all customer touchpoints.

What is corporate purpose?

To me, it means that a company has a clear and long-lasting answer to the question “Why?”. In volatile industries with a changing climate, that answer will be put to the test where it’s crucial to dig and think deeply about it.

For me, it's all about activation – being able to walk the talk. That kind of 360 activation is only possible with a genuine purpose.
Ylva Forssander

What inspires you?

Right now, I’m basically inspired by everyone who is coming up with great solutions to our huge global challenges. My former colleagues at PulPac are currently on the way to replace single use plastic with a more sustainable material — dry molded fiber. An innovative solution that can change the whole packaging industry. We need more of that.

Name a great purpose example

For me, it’s all about activation – being able to walk the talk. The brand Tony’s Chocolonely has integrated their purpose in everything they do, to end slavery in the cacao industry. Since day one, it has been clearly present across all touchpoints, from uneven bite sizes symbolizing the uneven working conditions, to supply chain transparency and traceable ingredients. That kind of 360 activation is only possible with a genuine purpose.

When do you love your work?

At Lynxeye, I get to work with the most skilled and inspiring people and the most exciting brands. I’m learning every day. And yes, I also happen to love what we do. Building purposeful brands, creating fantastic design, turning data into insights. That’s a privilege.