I’m driven and knowledgeable in my field, and love when I and my team can use financial controls and reporting to support the organization towards reaching targets and visions.


Viktoria Wallander

Before joining Lynxeye in 2018, I spent seven years in different CFO roles in the creative industry. I was also an Auditor with PWC for five years. I hold a Master in Accounting and Financial Management from Uppsala University.

Lynxeye personified is humble, professional and insightful. A good friend to have!
Viktoria Wallander

When do you love your work?

When the finance team works side by side with other parts of the organization and together advance the business.

Name a great purpose example

Perhaps an unsurprising choice, but I have to say Volvo. They’ve carried the safety focus, that is so important to everyone but especially for families, from history into the future. On top, they’ve added great design that makes you want to be seen in their cars. Proud Volvo owner and will be for many more years.

What inspires you?

Anything that helps me improve my smash. I’m a padel addict!