I’m a multi-disciplinary communications specialist with equal love for words and design.

Communications Leader

Viktoria Ejenäs

I’m all about explaining complex concepts in simple ways. It’s not enough to say what you know; you have to put it in words that people understand.

As Communications Leader, I handle external communications for Lynxeye, including digital channels, events, PR, and our annual Purpose Index™ reports.

Before joining Lynxeye, I spent more than 10 years running marketing and communications in banking and finance – an industry a lot less creative than this one. It’s a business full of rules and regulations, but there’s a sort of charm to finding solutions within limitations. And you grow with challenges.

People forget the basic principle that everything communicates. Powerful communication is created by aligning all the pieces, big and small.
Viktoria Ejenäs

Name a great purpose example

I think Microsoft is super impressive at the moment. They seem to have realized what strengths they have and are tapping into them, like the fact that they’re sort of a good guy brand that a lot of people trust, but they also dare to be visionary and push for change.

It’s the kind of company whose products I want to use and whose shares I want to own. As a bonus, Microsoft Sweden has a kick-ass CEO, Hélène Barnekow.

How is purpose misunderstood?

I think there’s a misconception, largely fueled by media coverage, that purpose is as simple as being “good” or “green”. But purpose isn’t one size fits all, it needs to be specific to your customer. Understand their priorities, both for themselves and for others, and your brand will have a shot at becoming truly important to them.