I am a strategist with an uncontrollable curiosity and a passion for everything related to people, brands and business.

Strategy Consultant

Torsten Larsson

Before joining Lynxeye, I gained experience working with market strategy and business development in sectors ranging from heavy industrial processing equipment to HR Tech.

I hold a master’s degree in Business & Management from Stockholm School of Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Business & Economics, with a major in marketing and brand management from Lund University. As a part of my master’s degree, I also had the great pleasure of joining Smith School of Business for an insightful and cold exchange semester in Canada.

Name a great purpose example

There are many contenders, but I would have to go with Swedish fashion and impact brand Asket. The fashion industry faces huge environmental and social challenges. In that space, Asket transparently offers a more sustainable way of buying and using clothes. It is also elegantly packaged and communicated, with craftmanship and design at center stage.

What I admire most about Asket is that they go the extra mile and genuinely attempt to change how the industry operates at large, instead of just adding new products to the market.

Minor things or choices that people do or make differently in their daily life make a great impact all together.
Torsten Larsson

When do you love your work?

That is having the opportunity to work with so many brilliant people and getting a chance to put my curiosity to work. Besides that, I also really enjoy digging deep into understanding challenges that people and business face in a constantly changing word.

What is corporate purpose?

I believe that the beauty of purpose is that it is very simple, yet can be so complex. Simple in the sense that it is the very essence of why a business exists and what meaningful change they create. And complex in the sense that it requires living up to that promise in every single interaction with customers and employees.