I’m a brand and business strategist with experience across diverse industries and a strong background in launching and scaling new ventures.

Strategy Consultant

Simon Eliasson

I have experience in strategy and business development across various industries, including foodtech and automotive.My background primarily involves fostering the growth and development of new ventures, which has enabled me to become an innovative and holistic strategist.

I hold an M.Sc. in Business & Management from Stockholm School of Economics and a B.Sc. in Business and Economics with a major in marketing and brand management from Lund University.

Prior to joining Lynxeye, I was involved in building the foodtech company Picsmart, which is a digital platform for local and sustainable grocery deliveries. Additionally, I've been involved in business development at rapidly expanding firms such as X Shore and NORNORM.

I believe that in times of rapidly switching consumer trends, fast fashion, and a decline in craftsmanship, it’s a challenge to build a brand that stands for the complete opposite.
Simon Eliasson

Name a great purpose example

A personal favorite is Swedish clothing manufacturer Blugiallo. By providing customers with high-quality, made-to-measure clothing tailored to the demands of today's digital world, rather than clinging to methods from the 1920s, Blugiallo has succeeded in revitalizing a classic concept in a modern and sustainable manner. This approach has allowed them to make a positive impact in an otherwise unsustainable and shortsighted fashion industry. With Blugiallo, there are no unsustainable returns and no compromises on sizing – just brilliance!

What inspires you?

One category that has recently caught my attention is wearable technology. I've been wearing a WHOOP bracelet daily for the past year, and it has truly taught me a lot about how my body functions and responds to various stressors, recovery, and other lifestyle factors. With good design, actionable insights and wearability, I believe there are numerous exciting opportunities on the horizon within this category!