Our Co-founder Christian Ihre is a featured guest on the Social Capital Matters podcast from Baldwin Boyle Group.

Purpose is about solving real problems

Embedding purpose in a company's culture provides a guiding light that aligns employees, stakeholders, and strategies towards a common goal. More than simply a vision of where a company wants to end up, purpose is deeply ingrained in a company's culture, fostering a sense of meaning and fulfilment that attracts like-minded employees, customers, and partners who are passionate about the company's values and contribute to its growth. But how does a company with no defined purpose find one? More importantly, how does it embed it in the company culture in an organic and authentic way?

There’s very clear data that shows that companies that define their reasons for being not only perform well in the market but also find it easy to recruit and keep staff.
Christian IhreCo-founder and Partner

As companies think more about customer preferences, regulatory change, skills shortages and technology disruption, Lynxeye helps companies see that the future will belong to companies who take bold steps to make a difference.