Lynxeye Purpose Index™ is a global study looking into how purposeful the general public perceive companies to be. It has been carried out consistently since the first study in 2015.

Purpose Index™

Purpose is a verified competitive advantage


more attractive

Purposeful businesses are more successful at persuading customers to choose their products.​

When comparing the ten companies with the highest Purpose Index™ scores to the bottom ten, we see that the leaders’ products and services are close to double as attractive to the general public.​

We can also look at how much a change in perceived purpose will translate into change in product attractiveness. Our YoY data shows that if ten additional people perceive a company as purposeful, we can expect six of them to prefer that brand in a purchase situation.​

Purpose in fashion and apparel


more likely to be invested in

The general public believes purposeful companies are a sound investment. Strengthening your association to purpose will increase the public’s willingness to invest in your company by almost the same amount.​

This is one of the strongest business impact correlations that we can find in our data, with a 2.5 times increase in willingness to invest in the companies with the highest Purpose Index™ scores compared to the lowest scoring.​

Purpose in banking


more attractive as an employer

All people want fair working conditions and some kind of purpose for their work; no matter if that purpose is simply to afford to live, or contributing to the betterment of society.​

We can see that being a purposeful business will make you a more attractive employer. The most purposeful companies score 2.1 times higher in terms of talent attraction than the least purposeful.​

When looking at all companies the pattern is also clear. If you are perceived as 10% more purposeful, you will be 7% more attractive as an employer.​

Purpose in energy


more positively regarded

If the general public does not think that you deserve to make a profit, you risk people working against your business, rising opinion for impeding regulation, or other business obstacles.​

We wanted to see if we could prove that being purposeful will increase the public’s positive view on your company, both in general terms, and specifically if they would be more positive to your economic success. ​

We found a strong correlation between purpose and positive public image. Companies with the highest purpose index scores enjoy a 1.9x higher public benevolence than the lowest scoring.​

Purpose in food
The relationship between willingness to pay a premium and being purposeful is almost linear. If you convince someone that you are purposeful, they are 85% more likely to be willing to pay a premium.​
Viking HenterInsights Manager at Lynxeye