As a multi-disciplinary designer, my passion lies in brand development.


Patrik Zetterberg

I thrive on the challenge of translating strategy into a solid design foundation that propels companies and organizations towards desired destinations.

Over the course of my 20+ years in the field, I have had the privilege of working with esteemed creative agencies and international clients. It has been a fulfilling journey collaborating with renowned companies like Synsam, Sandvik, AMF, Paf, and Clas Ohlson.

Minor things or choices that people do or make differently in their daily life make a great impact all together.
Patrik Zetterberg

Name a great purpose example

I admire Tesla for their strong purpose, impressive products, and leadership. They drive us forward in technology and sustainability.

How have you created impact?

The re-branding and retail concept for Synsam had a profound commercial impact. It successfully transformed them from a traditional optician into a modern fashion brand, marking a significant shift in their identity and market positioning.

When do you love your work?

As a brand designer, you constantly face the challenge of turning strategy into design. I enjoy crafting the visual foundation of a business, as it allows me to play a meaningful role in helping businesses advance.