Team Leader

Joeana Li

I’m specialized in trend identification, consumer insight, innovation strategy, and concept optimization, with special personal interests in digital media strategy and celebrity marketing.

Thanks to my previous international experiences in a broad range of industries, I am equipped with Greater China and Asian vision and regional market understanding across categories such as FMCG, consumer health, electronics, banking and jewelry.

I earned a Master of Science degree with Distinction from The London School of Economics and Political Science, specializing in Media and Communications (Data and Society). I am also a graduate of Fudan University, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

What is corporate purpose?

To me, it means that a company has a clear and long-lasting answer to the question “Why?”. In volatile industries with a changing climate, that answer will be put to the test where it’s crucial to dig and think deeply about it.

The social impact of Alipay Ant Forest is greater than that of Alipay – using digital technologies to foster massive individual efforts to tackle climate change. And it's just one example of the ‘common good’ done by Alibaba.
Joeana Li

What inspires you?

The live performance and music industry. Several months ago, I wondered how these companies would survive or resume their business during this difficult time. But in these few months, I’ve seen many amazing and great inventions.

People now watch various performances and concerts through video calls from home. The experience has changed a lot, but it’s in a way rejuvenating the entire industry.

Name a great purpose example

Aesop is my favorite purposeful brand – a sage-like brand that indicates the truth of life calmly; a brand that has the coolest and fully purposeful concept, the most pure and clean products as well as fabulous in-store experience. And of course, the most important reason is that it perfectly matches my personality.

Name a great purposeful leader

Jack Ma. He’s not only a business leader, but an all-round leader, a sage. He poured a lot of his personal philosophy into Alibaba, which is why it is so purpose-driven. He now puts more time and effort into public welfare and charity than he does into Alibaba’s business.