As the Hong Kong Hub of Lynxeye, I have the great opportunity to help companies turn goals and ideas into actionable strategies and tangible results.

Hong Kong Hub

Jens Wernborg

I’ve spent close to 25 years helping companies find success in Asia, in places like Hong Kong, China, India, and Taiwan. I have worked with multinational companies, mid-sized enterprises, SMEs, and small agile startups.

I support in all steps of business development, from identifying why a client’s local customer should choose the product or service, to how sales, supply chain and customer support should be aligned and scaled sustainably over time.

I help companies bridge the gap from enthusiastic early adopters to successfully targeting a majority of their potential market.
Jens Wernborg

When do you love your work?

Meeting companies that have passion for what they do. Companies that electrify and energize through their ideas and their purpose.

I recently met 12 startups in person, over one a day. I could have been tired, but I was not. The energy of the companies made it a great day!

How do you create impact?

I love matching people with opportunities with clients. And I’ve done that a lot! I’ve worked with a multitude of companies over the years and have directly been part of 60+ employments and indirectly at least an additional 100 employments.

Finding the right job for someone creates a direct impact for that person and their family. Then, working for the client and growing the business in the local market, it creates a next level of impact.

A clear purpose can help companies build community and collaborate rather than compete with other companies.
Jens Wernborg

What does purpose mean to you?

Purpose creates a shared understanding of “why” a company does what it does on levels and in all touchpoints. It also provides each individual employee a guiding star to strive towards for the best result in their interaction with clients and colleagues.

A clear purpose can:

  • act as a North Star for an organization or individual;
  • energize business transformation and innovation; and
  • help companies build community and collaborate rather than compete with other companies.

Name a great purpose example

There’s a company that makes an excellent product. It that works the same way it did when I first got it. It never gets old. It never needs an upgrade. It’s LEGO.

LEGO has inspired generations. The LEGO I got in the 70’s work with the LEGO made in 2022. LEGO never gets old and never needs to be replaced. LEGO should never be thrown away nor recycled. LEGO should just be passed from one generation of creators to the next.