Team Leader

Jenny Kramer

I started my Lynxeye career back in 2016. With an interval of a few years, I returned to join the team again in 2023 taking on the position of Team Leader. During the intervening years, I worked at the non-profit organization Inkludera where I helped other non-profit entrepreneurs to grow in a financially sustainable way as a Strategic Change Manager. Coaching them in areas such as setting and realizing strategic goals, business development, sales, organizational development and expansion planning, branding, impact measurement, yearly budgeting etc.

I’m also a previous professional athlete – which has given me many useful leadership skills which I bring to work.

What is the best career lesson?

To always stay curious and open to try new ideas and new ways of doing things. To always listen to what others are actually saying and why – in order to get well performing teams and individuals.

Always listen to what others are actually saying and why – in order to get well performing teams and individuals.
Jenny Kramer

When do you love your work?

Creating magic together with our clients. Each new project provides us with a new set of questions for us to deep dive into. These set of questions then gain new insights and discoveries that help our clients find new strategies and ways of doing things, in order to reach their objectives.

What do you like about Lynxeye?

The people! There are so many smart and great individuals here that come from different backgrounds and who all bring a lot of different perspective to work. I feel that I get inspired and learn new things every day. And have fun along the way!

Name a great purpose example

I love companies that really walk the talk, and believe that Swedish grocery store Willys is a good example of that. They believe in everybody’s right to good food – no matter what your budget is. By being smart and innovative, they have let their purpose guide sustainable initiatives across the whole organization, without losing their promise towards the consumers: having the cheapest bag of groceries in Sweden. If you act smart, you don’t have to be a premium brand in order to be a leader within sustainability.