I’m an architect by trade, a life-centric designer in my heart, and a project manager in my mind.

Team Leader

Gabi Jerosine

I quickly adapt to new environments and challenges, and love working with diverse-minded people with a shared goal.

I tend to focus on possibilities rather than problems and I’m driven by passion and inspiration. I find it in people around me, in music, art and especially nature.

I like to make things happen. I love hands-on work like prototyping, testing, failing, refining, and putting things into practice.
Gabi Jerosine

I started off within the spatial design field when I studied Architecture in Extreme Environments at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. There, I explored some of the most challenging environmental and social issues at places like the Gobi Desert in China or the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Being on site and testing prototypes helped me train my problem-solving skills and learn to create unconventional solutions with minimal resources.

I worked as an architect for a few years and co-founded a startup for building sensors. I then moved into the design field, as I was wanted to learn more about user-centric and participatory design. I spent 2.5 years at McKinsey Design working with global brands, helping them apply design thinking to some of their biggest challenges.

At Lynxeye, I help purpose-led companies realize their big ideas, make them real and land them in people’s hearts. I’m very excited about our approach at Lynxeye because today is such an important time for purpose-driven business.

Being exposed to people with diverse backgrounds and getting to learn from all of them is the most satisfying part of my work.
Gabi Jerosine

What is corporate purpose?

Purposeful companies have clear long-term goals that address the well-being of their customers, their employees, society, and the planet. And they prioritize those goals over short-term wins.

Name a great purpose example

Headspace – for making meditation and physical exercise highly accessible. It helps create more space in my mind for everything that happens during the day!

Hövding – for making safety cool. I’m also very inspired by the journey of the two students who created the first Hövding prototype. I was a student myself back in the days when they presented it as an idea. And now we see it everywhere in the streets of Stockholm, Copenhagen and beyond.

Huel – for creating nutritionally complete shakes that taste great, that are just as handy while trekking in nature as when running between meetings.