I am a strategic visual animal who specializes in service creation, brand experience, and strategic design.

Design Director and Client Leader

Fran Merino

After +20 years in creative industries, my skills span across innovation, technology, and design culture.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with creative technologists, business folk, and designers to reimagine peoples’ and brands’ relationships with the digital and physical world. Electrolux, Samsung, Nordea Bank, H&M Group, Vogue and Microsoft are among the companies I’ve worked with so far.

Before joining Lynxeye, I was an Experience Design Director at McKinsey Design, where I focused on their Leap Business offering. Before that, I was Group Creative Director at the design and innovation consultancy, Fjord.

I believe good design is a great tool to influence societies, shaping them into more sustainable, human, conversational, and better places to be.
Fran Merino

Name a great purpose example

Nike is good at lots of things: manufacturing high quality and good-looking shoes; designing fashion or professional apparel; sponsoring lots of sports teams; and making tons of good business. But where the company truly excels is its purpose. There is no company doing purposeful branding like Nike.