Client Leader

Andreas Asplund

I constantly focus on finding actionable insights that really matters for people, brands and businesses. In my everyday work I strive for that moment when we together with our clients understand the best possible conditions and opportunities to approach the given business situation.

I have +15 years of experience from insights-driven communications/marketing and brand strategy. I’ve been engaged in industries such as FMCG, NGOs, spirits, automotive, telecommunication, sports, health and fitness, retail, gaming, music, and insurance. I have a M.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University.

All brands can't save the world, but when a brand creates meaning in the life of their consumers, and that meaning is sustainable over time, that is the foundation of a great purpose.
Andreas Asplund

When do you love your work?

The confident feeling of knowing that our approach, and the way we engage in our client’s situations, will create positive change. For me it is satisfying to honestly believe a 100% in what we do and to see the effects of our deliveries. This creates meaning in my life as a consultant.

Furthermore, my work with exploring future opportunities and creating sustainable businesses for our clients, demand that I am constantly updated on what is happening in the business arena and the world at large. I like this aspect of my work.

Name a great purpose example

Patagonia are in business to save our home planet. Who could really argue with that? You could claim that it’s a puffed-up statement, but it is what they are constantly striving towards. There is no hidden agenda, the clothes have become communicators in their higher purpose to change the world. They are totally aligned with their core consumer and takes a stand when needed.

Patagonia are in business to build the best products while causing no unnecessary harm and are using their business to protect nature. They say their success comes from not being bound by convention. In order to stay purposeful, you need to constantly update your relevance as a brand.

I feel a strong connection to sports in general and to running, biking and skiing in the outdoors, so the arena Patagonia acts on is a platform I interact on. It is an arena I use every day to be more accurate. There are more brands and products on this arena which does great things, but Patagonia is still the brand which globally can hold the flag in a purposeful and yet profitable way.

Name a purposeful brand

A purposeful brand is constantly relevant and inclusive. It has a clear meaning in people’s lives and does everything in its power to deliver value to its target group. A brand you can trust no matter what. A brand that does precisely this is Iron Maiden. What!? Can a rock band really be considered purposeful? From my perspective brands that are based in a strong and often creative core which people can assemble around with others and share a passion is purposeful per se.

Furthermore, Iron Maiden is sustainable, commercial and constantly disrupting the industry while staying true to the brand and target group. For me it is a solid example of brand building and ongoing business development with the perfect balance of creativity and target group insight.

Do I love rock n roll? Yes, on that note I am certainly biased 😊