Based on the data from the Lynxeye Purpose Index™ 2023, we have identified eight trends that will affect purpose-led companies in the next year.

Purpose trend 2023

Safety first

We live in a time of increasing uncertainty both in the physical and the digital world. There is war and political unrest in many parts of the world. Social media are grappling with societal challenges like increasing polarization and national instability. Cyber security is an area of great concern on personal, corporate and government levels.

The most preferred brands in this year’s study are perceived to care about people’s right to privacy – a top priority problem that companies are expected to solve. After collecting data from customers and users for many years, some more extensively than others, it’s time for companies to align with people’s expectations of how this data should be safeguarded and used responsibly.

The desire for companies to step up as responsible leaders, and help make the world a better place, is stronger than it has ever been.

Ensuring personal safety is also ranked highly by the public in our study. What makes people feel unsafe can on one hand be very general, for example big external threats like national conflicts, but also very individual and local, such as fraud and other forms of crime, where products and services can make a big difference for people.

Companies need to understand what makes their customers feel safe and provide reliable products and services that deliver on that. Safety matters to people on a very personal and intuitive level. This can make it difficult to decode, but also highly rewarding when done successfully and when people feel that companies care about them.


The following companies scored high on associations related to caring for resources in Lynxeye Purpose Index™ Global 2023.

Data deep dive

Concerns and challenges related to safety are ranking as very important for companies in all seven markets surveyed in the study. They cover different aspects of professional life: privacy, personal safety and crisis support. ‘Safeguarding people’s right to privacy’ is the second most important challenge according to the public globally.