Based on the data from the Lynxeye Purpose Index™ 2023 and our extensive experience from guiding businesses on their growth journeys, we have identified ten opportunity themes open to purpose-led corporations.

Purpose Index™

Big opportunities in 2023

As value for money rapidly increases in importance, bold value brands should solve seemingly contradictory customer needs, like attractive prices and sustainability.

As people are forced to prioritize, mid-price brands will come under particular scrutiny and should reevaluate old truths about what justifies a premium.

In a world where expectations are at al all-time high, bold companies should leave empty ambitions behind and make purpose the north star of its future business.

As a recession nears, industries that have lost touch with the broader public have an excellent opportunity to make people reevaluate their future relevance.

Bold leaders don’t just check the SDG boxes, but drive business development tying innovation to strategically selected SDG’s that support position and differentiation.

It’s time for Big Tech to take on large-scale positive impact, just like it has already proven capable in technological innovation and visionary leadership.

Local companies’ superior understanding of local culture, behavior, needs and wants presents a fantastic opportunity to create relevant innovation for customers.

Downturns with potential layoffs can also be a time to rally the troops behind a strong sense of purpose, with increased engagement and satisfaction as a result.

Retailers that rushed to last-mile solutions without considering the costs should explore alternatives to hyper convenience that still provide good customer value.

In challenging times, companies can build strong customer relationships by giving people a better chance to enjoy simple pleasures at a relevant price point.