A global study of how purposeful the general public perceives companies to be and the world’s largest corporations, ranked by purpose index score.

Purpose Index™

Global winners 2023

01 Google

Our number one is Google. Out of all the global corporations, Google is considered the single most future-proof. The way it is equated with the Internet in large parts of the world is likely what makes it difficult for people to imagine a future without Google. Its dedication to making available both information and cloud-based software that people truly need in their everyday lives makes Google highly purposeful.

01 Apple

Our number one is (also) Apple. Out of all the global corporations, Apple is considered both the single most visionary and the most innovative. Few companies can reimagine everyday life and then materialize it in our hands like Apple does. Its ambitious undertaking to create innovative technology that make people better versions of themselves, makes Apple highly purposeful.

03 Microsoft

Our number three is Microsoft. It has the broadest, most even purpose index distribution in the top three. Microsoft’s bet on cloud-based software has never made more sense than today, where it is a trusted partner for productivity in a hybrid work-life world. Its view of technology as something that can take on the big, societal challenges, makes Microsoft highly purposeful.

Honorable mention – IKEA

Out of all global corporations, IKEA is the single most trustworthy. It is trustworthy in the eyes of the general public because of how it consistently acts with honest intent while maintaining a clear stance on its values.

Honorable mention – Pfizer

Out of all the global corporations, Pfizer is considered to be the single most responsible. Pfizer’s positive impact on the world and how they act to create real change make up a large part of what makes it so responsible in the eyes of the general public.