Based on the data from the Lynxeye Purpose Index™ 2023, we have identified eight trends that will affect purpose-led companies in the next year.

Purpose Index™ 2023

Global trends

Care for resources

About how critical recession customers require companies to minimize their impact on the planet and use of resources.


Trust matters

About how companies can amplify the effect of their initiatives by investing in building trusting relationships with customers and the public.


Value with values

While price matters a lot, people still yearn for other values and will look for great trade-offs between their needs and wants.


Local color

About how companies that can leverage understanding of local context and culture have an advantage in a de-globalized world.


Thoughtful employers

Record numbers of employees are reevaluating career choices and people are looking for employers that will make them feel valued.


Bold problem-solvers

About how companies have a lot to learn from Big Tech’s problem-solving, and a lot to gain by combining innovation with positive change.


Safety first

About how companies can align with the public’s expectations of how they should contribute to making both their physical and digital lives safer.


Healthy living

About how companies that assume health-focused positions and strategies will be highly relevant in the future.