Josefina joined Lynxeye as a Strategy Consultant straight after graduating from Stockholm School of Economics. Today, just a few years later, she has advanced to Team Leader and joined one of our Client Teams.

Meet Josefina Hagberg

One of our Team Leaders

What does a Team Leader do?

In many ways, it’s what you would call a Project Manager. The responsibilities are quite broad; you both work with client projects and bringing in new client opportunities, strategizing and developing proposals.

In client projects, an important part is to coach and lead the project team, that consists of consultants with varying skillsets and work methods. They can be specialized in strategy, insights, design, innovation, and more.

What are the responsibilities of the role?

Together with a Client Leader, I am responsible for ensuring quality of delivery in client projects and that our work meets (and preferably exceeds!) the client’s needs.

A Team Leader should also ensure that the project and project team run smoothly in all aspects. That means staying close to the client’s representatives to understand their needs and identify any potential obstacles. It also means being in tune with our own team, keeping feedback flowing and clarifying any misunderstandings.

In order to ensure quality of delivery, you must understand the client’s business both today and in potential future scenarios.
Josefina Hagberg

Name four Team Leader must-haves!

Strong leadership skills – you are responsible for keeping the project moving forward, which means knowing who should do what when and guiding the team through the project.

Client management skills – you need to build a trusting relationship with the client, understand when to involve different stakeholders, and keep communicating actively so the client feels informed and included.

Strategic business mindset – in order to ensure quality of delivery, you must understand the client's business both today and in potential future scenarios.

Structure and order – Finally, as for many other roles, it’s essential to be well-organized, because you provide structure not only for yourself but for the entire team.

I love the combination of our work being both analytical and creative. I get to challenge myself daily and find that there are always new ways to think or solve a problem.
Josefina Hagberg

What are some of the best things about life at Lynxeye?

I love how our work is both highly analytical and very creative at the same time. You get to work with super talented colleagues from many different fields, which is very inspirational and constantly provides new perspectives.

It’s of course a privilege to get to work with such interesting clients and industries as we do, solving important problems. Work is meaningful when you truly create impact for our clients, and ultimately for the world.

That also means that our work is really hard! We help tackle the challenges that our clients can’t manage on their own, and that makes our work challenging every single day. But it’s also fun – there’s not a day at the office where we don’t laugh together.

I would describe our culture as highly ambitious, visionary, and lots of fun!
Josefina Hagberg